Personal Security

Personal Security

The importance of this type of security service is confirmed with statistical data: it accounts for up to 95% of personal security of high-ranking executives or important representatives of the client. The personal security service guarantees physical protection of individuals and their family members. The personal security service can be ordered for one individual or a group of individuals, e.g. the top executives of a company. Our agency offers a variety of methods to ensure one's personal security depending on the person's specific business activities.

A personal bodyguard has long ceased to be simply an indicator of one's elevated social status. It is the bodyguard who will take the first blow of the perpetrator, fight off the attack, and save the life of his client. Every bodyguard must adhere to the following principle: Do not fight the threat — avoid it! The bodyguard's key objective is not to handle dangerous situations but prevent them from occurring. Our bodyguards are tactful, well-trained, and courageous professionals.

Our carefully selected personal security officers undergo rigorous professional training in a variety of operation aspects, such as tactics, firearm handling, psychology, and business ethics. Their training and service experience enable them to immediately and efficiently respond to illegal actions, as well as identify these actions in advance and successfully prevent them from happening. If the client's life or health is threatened, his bodyguard (or the chief of the personal security group) can engage additional personnel and means to resolve the situation in a quick and efficient manner: he can, for example, summon a rapid response group, order a special vehicle, and get a consultation of experienced analysts.

Our personal security officers are highly skilled specialists and can serve you in the capacity of personal bodyguards, security advisors, or chauffeur-bodyguards.

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