For individuals

For individuals

The centralized security control service will help you protect your home, office, warehouse, retail pavilion, apartment, country house, etc.

Centralized Security Control — is a high-tech type of security services. The Centralized Security Control service uses various communication channels to remotely monitor protected locations. The advantages of this security system include: reliability, efficiency, quick alarm response, and low cost. We have well trained personnel, transport, and modern equipment at our disposal.

The centralized security control system includes:

  • Security alarm system sensors of various types (infrared, acoustic, magnetic, etc.);
  • Reception control device (RCD);
  • Object communicator;
  • Security alarm siren.

The centralized security control system can be connected to the entire location or only its certain segments, e.g. garage, office, or other facilities that ancillary personnel are not authorized to access.

The centralized security control system operates in the following fashion. When a protected facility is accessed by unauthorized individuals the reception control device sends out an alarm signal to the following destinations:

  1. The panel of the LEGIS operative security officer on duty;
  2. The mobile telephone of the facility owner and/or his authorized representatives.

Upon receiving the alarm signal the nearest rapid response group (RRG) is dispatched to the facility. The RRG officers are armed and equipped with all the requisite special means. The operative security officer on duty controls and coordinates the activities of the rapid response group which takes measures in compliance with applicable laws and the client's instructions. If necessary, the operative security officer on duty may engage additional divisions, such as:

  • Fire fighters and rescue workers;
  • Law-enforcement officers;
  • Ambulance;
  • Utility service providers.
    • You may also wish to install a discrete alarm button, a fire alarm system, water leak and humidity control sensors, gas analyzers, and perimeter control sensors.

      Professionalism and coordinated response are the principal parameters of the centralized security control service provided by our team

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