Access Control

Access Control

In addition to video surveillance, security, and fire alarm systems, LEGIS equips its protected locations with access control systems.

An access control system is a complex of video surveillance devices used to monitor movements inside the protected location and within its perimeter, as well as devices that prevent undesirable visitors from accessing the facility and restrict the ability of the facility workers to move within its perimeter. Information from these devices is forwarded to the operator of the control centre. In case of a non-standard situation the operator sends a signal to the LEGIS central control console.

In addition to exterior control devices, such as video surveillance cameras, turnpikes, tourniquets, etc., an access control system can be also equipped with interior control mechanisms, such as iris or fingerprint scanners.

Not only can such devices prevent an exterior threat effectively, but they also can help you, and it is not less important, to clearly establish the boundaries of your employees' authorities (e.g. they can help you restrict the ability of certain employees or certain categories of employees to freely move around the protected location, office, etc.) and protect your organization from industrial espionage.

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