Информация о ГК «Легис»

LEGIS Closed Joint-Stock Company, a private security enterprise, was founded in 1993. From the very outset of our operations we have been not only providing security services to our customers, but we also have been carefully studying security principles and technologies, improving our skills and abilities, and growing while striving to be the best in our business.

Unfortunately, living in today's world is not always peaceful and safe. Many people, especially those running their own businesses and enjoying a high social status, tend to think, more often than not, about how they can protect themselves from various negative phenomena. Having combined our specialists' experiences with new security methods and solutions we have created our own concept of safeguarding the lives and businesses of our clients which gained recognition among experts and clients alike. Personal and business security is a condition required for successful career development and business growth. If you doubt your own security or your business safety you will be unable to work productively and live comfortably. Constant fear for yourself, your family, and your business may poison your life. The best cure from this fear is security which you can obtain by using the services provided by LEGIS CJSC, a private security enterprise.

It is important for us to ensure reliability of our security services, which is why our experts take into account individual peculiarities of each protected facility, as well as our clients' requirements in respect of the security personnel and security systems. We design comprehensive measures to ensure security of facilities that include stationary security posts on the premises and deployment of rapid response groups, if required, as well as remote centralized security control systems and installation of various technical security systems. Operation of security posts is constantly monitored by the operative security officer on duty, as well as our security chiefs who conduct regular inspections of their respective facilities.

LEGIS makes ample use of the most advanced equipment and technical means that are capable of ensuring one's personal security, as well as the security of one's property. Our security services are provided on an ongoing basis, 24 hours a day. This is why protecting a person or a location, even a most complex one, is our regular business which we know very well and conduct with a great deal of confidence. In our operations we adhere to the principle of reliability, safety, and fair partnership.

We take our personnel training very seriously. Every applicant seeking employment with us is tested on account of his experience, professional skills, physical fitness, and personal integrity. Our newly hired employees subsequently improve their qualifications at our security training school where they undergo rigorous training in legal, special, technical, psychological, and medical aspects of the security business, learn how to handle firearms and engage in physical combat, and study ethical norms governing the behaviour of private security officers.

Now that we have been in business for over ten years we can say with confidence that the operation principles we chose to adhere to have proven to be very effective: our clients include major Russian companies and enterprises, and our performance and achievements have been marked by professional awards and diplomas.

When we speak about our successes and achievements we cannot but mention the people who have made them all possible. LEGIS is proud of its employees. Not only are they highly qualified professionals, but they also are people who are very enthusiastic about their work and who enjoy working as a team and know how to do it well.

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